Are UFO’s visiting sunny Marple?

Get them while they’re hot! According to a September 2008 article in the Stockport Express, a trio of red lights moved slowly across the skies of Stockport, with reports coming from Romiley and Marple. I have seen this article “quoted” on the UFO casebook website as well. This whole affair is pretty unremarkable as far as UFO sightings go, but I find it interesting – a local UFO sighting is not something you read about every day.

Sceptic - UFO Photo

Picture taken by Trevor Heywood, originally appeared on the Stockport Express website

We have at least three separate eye-witness account, a blurry photograph and not much else.  Brian Vike from the HBCC UFO Research suggested that they are Chinese Lanterns, while ex-MoD UFO expert Nick Pope thinks that a more likely possibility is a massive triangular craft, presumably with a single light on each corner.

Brian Vike is an ex-UFO investigator from Canada, but that’s about all I gathered from a cursory Google search. His website contains almost no written information on his UFO cases and several links to radio shows he has been involved with. It seems to me that this chap is a believer in ‘UFOlogy’, judging by his blog alone.

According to the website of Nick Pope, he “used to run the British Government UFO Project and is now recognised as one of the worlds leading experts on the unexplained” – his website speaks for itself.

The evidence we have here is so scant I find it hard to make a firm judgement, but I think the most likely explanation is the one put forward by Vike – a Chinese lantern or a similar device. This explanation is the simplest and it introduces the fewest new assumptions, which is ironic considering that the very same Mr. Vike who proposed it appears to be a big UFO proponent.

Gavin Schofield

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