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Skeptics with a K, Piss Drinking

The rubbish end of the Mersey...

The rubbish end of the Mersey...

Those chaps down at the wide end of the river Mersey in the Merseyside Skeptics Society have started up a great podcast, Skeptics with a K, which is pretty awesome. High five! I’d definitely recommend subscribing to it on iTunes, the best way to describe it is a funnier version of the Skeptics Guide, with a good dose of Scouse. They have a talk in the pub planned for the 15th October with Ariane Sherine, which we’ll almost certainly be attending, even though it means a trip to Liverpool.

In other news, Crispian Jago has an amusing video posted that explains Homeopathy perfectly, and Carl Sagan has a brilliant new music video out.

– Gavin Schofield


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