Winchester is the UFO capital of Europe?

Fancy Pants Alien.

Artists impression of the alien visitor allegedly seen in Winchester.

I saw this entertaining piece of nonsense last month in the Metro (October 5th), but it’s slipped my mind until tonight. Better late than never I suppose. According to Councillor Adrian Hicks, a humanoid alien was wandering around Winchester high street (this sighting was apparently linked to US and British military operations.)

I’m not quite sure what he’s basing that on as the close proximity of an a Air Force base doesn’t necessary mean they are connected – even assuming it is an alien. The alien was closer still to a branch of the Works bookshop, perhaps the alien could be linked to them?

“UFOs are flying in and out of the military base – Winchester is the UFO capital of Europe.” – Adrian Hicks

Here’s a link to the original Metro story. I’ve absolutely no idea what to say about this, so for more information on this penguin gaited alien you’d better listen to Mr. Hicks explain it in his own words.

I’m going to be taking this with a pinch of salt until there’s a piece of actual evidence, but if you want to hear even more about this, he’s got a 27 minute speech online here.

– Gavin Schofield


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One response to “Winchester is the UFO capital of Europe?

  1. angrysceptic

    Poor Lib Dems, they just can’t help themselves can they? First Kilroy then penguin-like, ballerina UFO’s.

    Now is it just me but if you put sunglasses on a a lady(or a thin fellow) on a fancy dress night, would you not get similar results. Ohh don’t forget to add the drink, both to the fancy dresser and to Mr. Hicks.

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