Are UFO’s visiting sunny Marple?

Get them while they’re hot! According to a September 2008 article in the Stockport Express, a trio of red lights moved slowly across the skies of Stockport, with reports coming from Romiley and Marple. I have seen this article “quoted” on the UFO casebook website as well. This whole affair is pretty unremarkable as far as UFO sightings go, but I find it interesting – a local UFO sighting is not something you read about every day.

Sceptic - UFO Photo

Picture taken by Trevor Heywood, originally appeared on the Stockport Express website

We have at least three separate eye-witness account, a blurry photograph and not much else.  Brian Vike from the HBCC UFO Research suggested that they are Chinese Lanterns, while ex-MoD UFO expert Nick Pope thinks that a more likely possibility is a massive triangular craft, presumably with a single light on each corner.

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O’Reilly news report on the “naïve idea” of safe sex in Amsterdam – it’s Anarchy!

Although this first post isn’t really related to either skepticism or Stockport, it’s a charming view of the bias present in the modern media. This video was unashamedly stolen from the blog of mentalist Derren Brown, which I suggest you read immediately.

– Gavin Schofield


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