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You don’t know how it works? Ah well – this is how much you should charge your customers…

Hypnosis for Beginners by William W. Hewitt. Not recomended.

Hypnosis for Beginners by William W. Hewitt. Not recommended.

Welcome to my very first tender toe-dip into the vast ocean of blogging. As a starting point I thought that a nice easy book review would be best, as most of the work is done for me. “Spot The Dog?” cry the non-readers while the more literate and infinitely more patient reader cannot help but suggest “The Fellowship Of The Ring“. Alas, I must disappoint you and bring your attention to the wonderful world of hypnotism.

Unusually for an avid reader of books, I spend a great deal of time reading. This not only educates me on many interesting subjects but many non-fiction books will also entice me with the further reading sections (just before the index if you need directions), allowing me to learn more on a subject or to explain what I have  not (yet) understood. Being of this mind-set I find that often I rashly buy books without looking at prior reviews, or checking the authors take on the subject. There have been many times when I have rushed to amazon.co.uk on payday just before I leave the house and find myself buying in haste, a book that is complete tripe. My latest, frivolous and bird-brained purchase was the book ‘Hypnosis For Beginners’, an entertaining but ultimately chilling glimpse into the mentality of a master hypnotist which I will now dissect for your pleasure.

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