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One Girl, one ghost and a handfull of speculation.

Who, you gonna call? Pacman! Why not?

Who, you gonna call? Pacman! Why not?

Bored, tired and close to leaving for the sceptical beer with my main man Gavin (the Bigfoot) Schofield, I find myself in front of the computer just having a look around the Internet, and “what” I hear you ask “do you find?” ¬†This question on Yahoo answers.

The question itself is not of any concern to me but the answer does. Why, if I may ask(and  will regardless), is the best response to pray? Why not just wake up early and have a look? A good, nice clean way to find out if a ghost is there and not just the dreams of a girl, who I am left to believe is fairly young and not as critical a thinker as her elders and ill prepared to find the solution for herself. A much better resolution to this would have been to get a mature sensible adult to explain what a waking dream is. Even if the parent lacks the knowledge to investigate it them self they could at least have been told to sit down and think, really think about what is more probable, a host that sits at the end of a bed or the possibility that it is her half awake brain inventing this eerie form. Continue reading


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